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 Regarding The Donation Items

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PostSubject: Regarding The Donation Items   Wed Jul 29, 2009 12:40 am

"Chairs = 100 points
Clothing sets = 200 points
Scroll Weapon +7 (does not take up slots) = 150 points
Scroll Weapon +14 (does not take up slots) = 250 points
GM scrolls or White Scrolls = 20 points
Item Sets = 300 points
Special Cash items not found in cash shop= 150 each
Level Character = 50 points
VIP Status (1 month) = 1000 points"

I actually like this set up here(almost all of it, anyway). It's the first one I seen that doesn't include a GM hat. However, I think you should change some things so it reflects a low rate server. I don't exactly like pointing out contradictions- Okay, I'm totally lying, I do... I know it's your server and all, but at least try to keep the balance between donators and non-donators. If you're going to make the donators godly, at least make them pay out the nose for it... Anyway... Here's my take.

"Chairs = 20 points
Get 5~10 GM scrolls to use (so they take up slots) = 1,000~2,000
White scrolls = 20 points
Any NX/Cash item in the data = 50 each
Level character = 100 points
Any max above average item = 100 points
Rare items (ele wands, face stompers, etc) = 500 points"

I have very logical reasoning for the new modified list... It's fair and it makes a bit more sense. You can also gain a bit of money in the process.

The chairs: Well, it's only a chair. You may as well make them cheap for the sake of ease.

The GM scrolls: two dollars per scroll, and on top of that, they WILL take up slots. This way, no one will have items that are godlier than they can possibly be in a normal game. Not to mention they have to pay money for it.

White Scrolls: If you disable these from gachapon(or make them extremely rare) and make them cheap, people will be more inclined to donate just to get 5 white scrolls. A dollar gets you five, which is fair since you would normally be able to get them in game. Also, anyone with paypal can pretty much donate a dollar regardless of if they have much to spend or not.

Any NX item: It's a cash item. Most of them are for aesthetics, so charging any more than that is robbery. You're NOT Nexon, right? :3 This way, anyone can get their own NX set for two or three dollars. You can also hand out rare ite

Leveling character: Normally this would be unfair, but it only costs a dollar. If someone pays 50 bucks for 50 levels, then anyone could just say "Uh, yeah, after paying that... They so deserve it." Which is true. It'll also be good for folks who have a few extra points lying around.

Any max above average item: I mean max as in the highest the item can be naturally in the game without having any scrolls touch it. So it isn't that broken and it costs only a dollar. You can also find them in game for free... So again, it's fair.

Rare item: Well, five bucks for ONE elemental wand seems fair. The items sold can be average, just because the rare items are usually good enough already... Elemental wands, face stompers, storm casters, boss hunter gear and timeless weapons can be sold from these. DUSK/NIGHT RAVEN CLAWS CANNOT. This is because they make low dex/normal dex sins totally useless while making dexless sins godlier than they already are. Unfair is unfair with a side of unfair, brah. If you want to sell them, make them pay 15-30 dollars for it. Seriously.

As to why I removed VIP and the other things... Well, I removed VIP because there is no such thing. There shouldn't be others who are more important than the rest of the players. This causes unease and WILL turn folks away from your server. Someone pays 10 dollars and gets VIP (regardless of what it entails, just the title itself is enough to equal FAVORITISM). The other things were just unfair in a sense.

This is a low rate server, and it should NOT contradict the meaning of a "low rate server" by having things like this. It screams favoritism towards the donators, which is just unbalanced and not so great. That's pretty much the only reason why I am posting this... Nothing is to be handed to someone for an unfair/cheap price. It's just plain unfair. If people want to donate, they will donate regardless of the prize. The prize is usually just a bonus, you know.
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PostSubject: Re: Regarding The Donation Items   Wed Jul 29, 2009 2:19 pm

thanks for your feedback ill make a new donation list soon =)
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Regarding The Donation Items
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